Last Names Starting with the Letter P


Piche, Leonard Stanley                           

Portlance, Adrienne Ardell "Lidholm"

Portlance, Amanda B."Omley"

Portlance, Audrey G. "Hunter"

Portlance, Alvina "Omley"

Portlance, Clifford J.

Portlance, Elaine V. "Stedman"

Portlance, Evelyn G.

Portlance, Esther "Unknown Maiden Name"

Portlance, Fred J.

Portlance, Grace "Yenor"

Portlance, James W.

Portlance, Jean R "Ropiak"

Portlance, Joesphine "Martin"

Portlance, Louis N.

Portlance, Lylas M. "Clark"

Portlance, Napoleon J.

Portlance, Gregory A.

Portlance, Rae Ann

Portlance, Vivian "Stedman"

Portlance, Wallace W.

Portlance, William

Portlance, William Joesph

Portlance, Wilfred P.

Portlance, Tillie "Wittkopf"



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