1930 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan

Here is what the garage looked like after bringing the completely disassembled 30 Tudor home.

The time to assemble drive line and get the 30 Tudor ready for sale was one month.

Rick and I install the engine into the frame.

Rick and I work on completing install and connection of engine.

Jim installs the exhaust manifold.

Kim and Eric wash the frame.

Uncle Jerry watching the preporation for placing the body on the frame in order to sell the car.

Side view of engine with radiator shell.

Top view of the engine and radiator.

The engine and running gear reassembled and ready to go.

Here is a rear view showing the spare tire.

Front view with current license plates. The car runs like a dream!

Engine shot from the drives side.

Here is a shot from the rear window.

Here is a view of the rear seat. Not bad for 78 years old!

Body and running gear reunited and ready for sale.

Body rust - help.

Mike welded in new body frame rails and rear floor pan and seat riser.

Mike welded in new fender well on right side rear.

Mike welded in new fender well on left side rear.

Mike the new owner and I pose with his 30 Tudor.



I have been a member of the Twin Cities Model A Ford Club since 1991.  To find out more about the Twin Cities Model A Ford Club - click here!

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