1930 Model A Ford Fordor Deluxe Sedan


Here is the car as it was for the last 18 years.

Here is a shot of the cowl lights.

The Body Number -- March 1930

Here is the front of the interior.

Here is a view of the left rear seat. Notice the arm rests!

Grandpa Jack supervises Elaina painting the oil pan black.

Dad (Jack) created a temporary gas tank and gives it a fill up.

Had to stop for a carb adjustment and more gas!

Dad and I taking the 30 A for its first run after 18 years of sitting. She ran great!!

Sealing the new body wood for installation later.

Eric and I take off the rims to remove the old tires.

John Roehl enjoying the job of unmounting the old tires! Only 6 more to go!!! Fun Fun Fun.

Kim and John Roehl pose for a picture.

Eric and Kim (mom) help unmount the old tires.

Dave Gerold straightens the rims.

My neighbor Rick power washing the mud off the car.

The rims get a powder coat bath after sandblasting.

John Roehl installing the rubber band.

John Roehl powdering up the new tires for easier mounting on the rims.

Dad and Eric checking the tubes for leaks!

John Roehl mounting the new Firestone white wall tires.

John Roehl finishing up on the mounting of the new tires.

Rear brake assembly before restoration

Installing new emergency brake lining after cleaning and painting emergency brake band.

Restored emergency and rear brake assembly.


I brought this car from a friend of my father (Jack) from a fellow by the name of Ed Thornander.  Ed had planned on restoring the car but time and interest for a project of this size looses its shine after a while.  I have become good friends with Ed and his wife Jan.  I hope to have this car in the Crystal Frolics Parade.  

My wife and kids are very supportive and are getting more and more excited as the car trans forms.

I hope to have the project done by 2010 just in time for the Twin Cities Model A Ford Club 50th anniversary.

I have been a member of the Twin Cities Model A Ford Club since 1991.  To find out more about the Twin Cities Model A Ford Club - click here!

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